Wanted (EN)

We Want Challenger! It is the list of our public-offering projects. We may change matter and conditions of our site described below.
日本語版: こちらです。

* When you submit, please make sure The Guidlines to Submit a Demo.

あるくEP (あるく[aruku]:walking)


[Application period] : From July 01, 2016 to March 05, 2017

-- The Guidlines to Submit a Demo.
  1. At first Unisphere is not so much a label as a small circle or community of established by Japanese loving making and listening indies or doujin music. In other words, as the actual situation, Unisphere is operated as our "hobby", and even we are not a genuine label, a recording company or the like at all.
    Therefore, all the projects that we hold are the free-downloadable albums. And naturally we do not have any profit and cannot have the money to pay artists.
    However, fortunately, we have received much application from amateur composers more than 100 until now. In addition, several people joined in our compilation album thankfully. I think that this is a kind of property of the culture of Japanese singular but praiseworthy Internet indies music. The overseas one may feel this culture very odd, but please be understanding.
  2. During the application period of each project, please e-mail us at unisphere.unsp[at]gmail.com attaching your music or uploading it on an Uploader where is nothing to worry about file missing.
  3. Please fill in name, an activity place (if there are own page or Twitter) and the title of your composition for an e-mail. There is NOT the need to list personal information in an application. Title, Name, Sound-source and Address of Internet, these four are both necessary and sufficient.
  4. The organizers side send a receipt confirmation e-mail as soon as we confirms an application e-mail. Commonly, we send receipt confirmation e-mails in a few days from several hours, but if you have no reply, your application may not reach us. In that case, please confirm address.
  5. There is much application every time. Therefore the Unisphere member makes the choice on our own point of view, upon due consideration of both quality and uniqueness. We will record five to fifteen tracks in each album.
  6. After application period, we inform those who passed the selection process. Please note that we will not disclose the criteria of the selection process.
  7. Each uploaded demo must be 192kbps MP3 while selection stage. We ask a person who passed the selection to submit a high sound quality 2mixed medium.
  8. The length of the music is no object basically. A rough indication, the length may be four to seven minutes.
  9. We accept only an unreleased track. If we identify submitted track as what have already been rereased, we remove it from the selection.
  10. The copyright of all submitted work data belongs to producer oneself.
  11. All contents about shown album: A group of works composed by producer of each content or Unisphere is provided under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).
  12. Our projects are free albums "ENTIRELY". There is NOT the topic about the money at all. Approve.
  13. About any problem that occurred by releasing the data to unspecified number of the general public (like posting to media sharing site), Unisphere cannot take the responsibility.
  14. Unisphere may change, suspend, postpone, or cancel these projects due to unavoidable circumstances of operation.
  15. Even if a producer suffered the damage, a loss, a disadvantage by the exhibition of the album or the above reason, Unisphere cannot bear the responsibility at all.
  16. We are not recruiting the new members now. We may not reply to the email about unrelated to "Submission Demo".
  17. Lastly, the organizers' English is poor and unskilled. We hope that our English is understood.
    (This guidlines are translated by Nanimono-demonai. We are extremely thankful for his favor.)